We focus on the following main points:


Design project consists of several stages:
Technical Task

Our experts will analyze the object, room positions and architectural features of the building, systematize data and requests received from the client. The concept of the project and styling are developed on the basis of these data.

Measurements and Development of the Drawing

Our designers and architects will visit the site and conduct the measuring work with precision using modern equipment, will record the measurements of geometric dimensions of all rooms and take photos of the existent position.


On the basis of the drawing and technical task the planning decisions are made, positions of constructed or demountable partitions are determined. Every centimeter of dwelling space is considered in order to maintain its functionality and practicality.

Creating a 3D Image (Visualization)

Visualization is a photorealistic image that shows your future interior. With the help of 3D images you can see how the chosen materials, colours and textures, furniture and accessories, lighting solutions will look like in the future interior. Our designers will create for you high-quality visualizations with all the details for the most realistic representation of the future interior.

Working Draft

Based on previous work a set of working drawings is developed taking into consideration existing and new utilities. Our experts elaborate the engineering solutions: air conditioning, heating, smart home system. At the stage of the working draft the final selection of finishing materials and furniture is made. The set of the project drawings is the basic document for the action of the construction team.

Author’s Supervision (extra charge)

During the author’s supervision, our designers make regular site visits to control the realization of the project and all tasks, to coordinate the construction and renovation works, to clarify and approve all the necessary materials. Designers interact with the foreman and workers; provide advice and support on the drawings, regulate all the issues.Supervision is performed under the contract from 5 months till commissioning (by arrangement). The main purpose of the author’s supervision is to ensure full compliance of the building and finishing solutions with the project approved by the customer.


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