Interior design project

Apartments, villas, private residences, offices, restaurants

“Drawing” design-project for 1 sq.m.

The project includes:

  1. Drawing with utilities connection;
  2. Plan of the redevelopment (1-2 variants);
  3. Plan of the removal and installation of walls and partitions;
  4. Furniture layout (1-2 variants);
  5. Sketch (black and white) image made by hand (1 perspective of the room);
  6. Location of the plumbing and tile layout;
  7. Floor plan with the layout of the material;
  8. Plan of ceilings and sections for each room;
  9. Doorway plan;
  10. Air conditioning and ventilation plan;
  11. Floor heating layout;
  12. Plan with the location and connection of lighting;
  13. Plan with the location and connection of switches and sockets;
  14. Wall drafts of all rooms with the estimate of all materials;
  15. Specification of furniture, lighting, with sizes, quantity and addresses of the stores;
  16. Specification of electrical equipment;

“Standart” design-project

This project includes the “Drawing” design project, as well as:

    17.Visualization in colour of each room (2-3 perspectives) in 3Ds Max;

    18.Detail drawings and sections of all decorative areas;

“Premium” design project  for 1 sq.m.

This project includes the “Standard” design project, as well as:

  1. Selection of equipment:
    • Selection of finishing materials, furniture and decor items;
    • Selection of kitchen furniture and appliances for the kitchen project;
    • Selection of electrical accessories and their manufacturers;
    • Selection of cabinet and upholstered furniture;
    • Selection of flooring (parquet, stone, marble, tile, etc.);
    • Selection and confirmation of decorative materials;
    • Selection of joinery (doors, windows, stairs, etc.);
    • Selection of lighting equipment;
    • Selection of ventilation and air conditioning;
    • Selection of sanitary ware;
    • Coordination of estimates of materials and equipment with the customer;
    • Preparation of commercial proposals with the indication of vendors;
    • Placing of orders with the selected materials and equipment;
  2. Room decorations (carpets, pictures, curtains and other decor items);

Author’s supervision – 20 – 30$ for 1 sq.m.

Supervision is provided for “Standard” and “Premium” design projects and is paid separately.

It includes:

  • Planned site visit;
  • Monitoring of the correct project implementation by the builders;
  • Making modifications in the working documentation, if necessary;
  • Constant communication with the team of workers;
  • Providing builders with all necessary information and comments on the design project implementation;
  • Regular informing the customer about the progress in work, giving pieces of advice on solving emerging issues;
  • Selection of furniture, equipment, finishing and decorative materials, coordination with the customer, purchase and delivery to the site;
  • Placement of furniture and decoration of interior with the selected decor items on the final stage of the project.

The contract is concluded for 6-8 months comprising 2 site visits per week. The cost depends on the size and the site location.

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